Consider the circumstances of each staff member.

In Scheduling Nurses, we use a screen called the staff property sheet for unified management. The way it is defined is different for each office, so it is defined for each office.

Here are some examples of the staff property sheet.

How to cope with monthly changes

Shift work schedules usually change monthly. It is not desirable to change the constraints each time. Try to keep the monthly changes within this sheet as much as possible.
Note the end-user is Head-nurse or chief, so she is not an IT engineer.
The possible changes in the future should be enumerated options in the sheet so that they do not need to touch constraints directly.

Normally, during production, the constraints should not be changed and, at most, only the following four pages should be changed.

Staff preferred days off and fixed Schedules

Soft Constraints Weights

Monthly Characteristics Dates

Staff Property Sheet