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We believe that improving the global shift is not only about reducing the burden on managers but also about the lifestyle of every staff member. We believe that this will ultimately lead to improved productivity in society.


Thoughts on 4.09USD(4.09EUR)/Month from the CEO

We are approaching the 10th anniversary of the first Schedule Nurse we sent out. During that time,
 In 2015, we received our first patent,
 In 2017, we began licensing it to major medical software manufacturers, and
 In 2017, we won three out of four categories in the MaxSAT international competition, a branch of Artificial Intelligence.
 In 2021, we broke numerous records at the International Nurse Scheduling Benchmark Site, contributing to the real world and the academic world.
 By 2022, four patents were granted, making us the world’s leading intellectual property holder in nurse scheduling problem.
 You might say, “Other software couldn’t do the placement, but Schedule Nurse could!” Or “It made a world of difference!” We have received too many comments to enumerate. Working with our clients to create work schedules made us more determined to “do something about the shift system in the world,” not just the nurse scheduling problem.
Therefore, we decided to change the pricing structure, which was over 100,000 yen, to make it easier for individuals to use. We also revised our project creation service and strengthened our support system.
 Our staff will do our utmost to support your “only work schedule in the world.” We look forward to working with you.

April 2023 Takayuki Sugawara
Sugawara-Systems CEO