The project file is the constraint design document and source code

The project file is both the constraint design document and the source code.
All samples of Schedule Nurse are available on GitHub, and anyone is free to copy and modify their contents.

The program is the common heritage of mankind

Modeling difficulties can be avoided with a similar example

An example of Corvid19-related project development is a physician duty chart.
It took over a month to create the first working project.
The functionality to extend from shifts to tasks was already in place, though, so it was not a technical problem, as usual with system development, the design had twists and turns.
The current version is a snapshot of the system. Starting from a similar physician duty roster would be far more efficient.
That is true for me, and I believe it is the same for all of you.

Constraints from specifications are not unique.
A better description will emerge as you use it.
If you have a mature project, wouldn’t it be better to share and use it?

Anyone can open a GitHub

Individuals can open a GitHub for free!

Publish a project on GitHub that meets our requirements, and it’s always free when you apply!

Project Requirements
    1. The project must be original. Simplification is fine.
    2. Have a subscription for achieved ten months or more or a 1-year license.
    3. The project must be up and running.
    4. Personal information, organization names, etc., must be anonymized.

Application Procedure

    1. Publish your project on GitHub, following the example of the sample project.
    2. Contact Support with the URL of your public project and the title of your free application.
    3. We will review the application to determine if it meets the project requirements.
    4. Successful applicants will be contacted with the required Microsoft account name to be made free of charge.
    5. Successful applicants will receive a free store-bought license (worth 450USD or 450EUR). The free license will be valid for one week to one month after your application.

Sample Projects

Here is a sample project .

The required files are , the license file, and the project file (.nurse3 extension) under the English folder.
The content of is free.
It is recommended to write information that other users may find useful.

Write in UTF-8 encoding.

Project File

Place your project file under the English folder. The project file is the file that has nurse3 extension.

Note you don’t need to translate descriptions in your project file into English. Please leave it in your native language.
However, your personal information and organization must be anonymized.


Place the following keywords.


Microsoft Acount

To Enable the free version license, we need a Microsoft Account email address to be associated with.
This information is a prerequisite.
The account name will not be used for anything other than registering the Microsoft Server.
You can use any Microsoft account, but it is safer to use the new one that is exclusively used for the Free Schedule Nurse, we believe.

License History

You should have one-year subscription license usually. One exception is you have been the user over a year.

GitHub Repository Display

We will add your project to the repository display.
It will allow users to download your projects immediately and make it easier for everyone to use.