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Whats your point of view regarding people like me would like to propose a project to a company and maintain it, without being part of that company.
I’m also not excluding that I might do it for multiple companies.
Like I said, none of your proposals will satisfies certain companies that prefer someone close to them (same country, being able to come on their offices).

In conclusion, the project files you have created belong to you.
Selling them to third parties is not a problem.
There is also nothing wrong with having a maintenance agreement with the end users and doing business with them.
We are not involved in that, and we don’t need to be involved in that.
The only condition is that you and the end-users purchase the Schedule Nurse from the Microsoft Store.

Can you please provide product price website to us so that we can review accordingly?

Yes, subscriptions for one month/one year is as follows.

Basically, we offer subscription only. However, for customers who really don’t want to subscribe, we also offer a buy-out version. Please contact support for link information.