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The Solver should show a feasible solution within a few seconds, at least a few tens of seconds in a nominal situation. The solving speed is essential for interactive use. This solving speed enables the lambda function on limited solving time in AWS.

Detail Result

The data shows the time to solve the optimal solution with proof. (Note; A meta-heuristic solver can’t prove it except for zero of the objective function value.)

Benchmark Instance ScheduleNurseⅢ Gurobi9.0.1 CPLEX12.9.0.0 StateOfArtRosteringSolver Optimum Value
Ikegami-2Shift-DATA1 8sec 5.18sec 15.3sec 202sec 0
Ikegami-3Shift-DATA1.1 22sec 375sec 20405sec(1134sec found3) At 1hour (The objective function value=13) 3
Ikegami-3Shift-DATA1 15sec 296sec 3418sec(2293sec found 2) At 1hour(The objective function value=13) 2
Ikegami-3Shift-DATA1.2 16.7sec 737sec 15424sec(2014sec found3) At 1hour (The objective function value=14) 3

Professor Ikegami’s benchmark data sets are trendy in OR academies, basing on real-world scenarios. MPS files and project files are available on Github. See the site below for further references.

Nurse Rostering Benchmark Data Sets